Intrigue. Stage 1
Doom: 8. Clues: –
Ichtaca is already up and about when you awaken, donning her traditional armor, her bow on her back and a long blade at her side. “Something is wrong,” she states cryptically. “I only meant to peer through the boundary…”
Her eyes are bloodshot, her face pale as a ghost. You suspect she hasn’t slept all night. “It matters not. It is time you witnessed the fate that will befall humanity if we fail.”
Matthew Cowdery
Par-delà les Limites #162. Par-delà les Limites #2.
The Boundary, Broken

The Harbinger's Pursuit - Back


Check Campaign Log. If the Harbinger is still alive:
Following no telltale flash of light, a sudden explosion of thunder blasts across the sky, causing you to jump in shock. As though drawn from the sound, a streak of silver lightning crashes down from the clouds, ripping a tear in the world before you. Through this tear, a familiar creature emerges. It hisses in anger and raises its gilded spear to attack.
Search the collection for the Harbinger of Valusia and spawn it at the location farthest from all investigators (if there are 6 or more tally marks under "Yig's Fury" in your Campaign Log, it enters play at the lead investigator's location, instead). It enters play with damage on it equal to the amount of damage recorded in parentheses in your Campaign Log.

The Boundary, Broken

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