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The pleasant atmosphere of the reception area disappeared as soon as Dr. Mintz shut the thick iron door behind them. The temperature dropped to a clammy chill, and a foul, sharp stench hung in the air.
– Mallory O’Meara, The Investigators of Arkham Horror
Asylum Halls

Asylum Halls
Western Patient Wing


Asile d'Arkham.

Shroud: 2. Clues: 0

After you defeat a Lunatic enemy at this location: Draw 1 card.

As they walked through the meandering stone halls of the sanatorium, Carolyn began to feel uneasy. It seemed like it would be very easy to get lost.
- Mallory O'Meara, The Investigators of Arkham Horror
David Auden Nash
Le Serment Indicible #168. Le Serment Indicible #10.
Asylum Halls

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