Constance Dumaine
A Little Too Sociable


Monstre. Lunatic. Elite.

Fight: 4. Health: 6. Evade: 1.
Damage: 2. Horror: –.


While Constance Dumaine is exhausted, she gets +3 fight.

"What's wrong? Aren't you enjoying yourself?"
Andreia Ugrai
La Route de Carcosa #65.
Constance Dumaine

Each investigator at Constance Dumaine's location takes 1 horror.

Move each clue from Constance Dumaine to her location.

Flip this card to its enemy side, and switch it with the Bystander asset version of Constance Dumaine, removing that version from the game.

Constance laughs as the skin begins to slough off her body. Blood trickles from her shedding skin, leaving a trail of crimson on the carpet where she walks. One might expect her to cease functioning with her ribs and organs exposed, but she barely seems to notice.
La Route de Carcosa #65. The Last King #5.
Sickening Reality

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