Agenda. Stage 1
Doom: 6. Clues: –
The theatre is eerily silent. The old wooden floor creaks beneath your feet, and a light rain gently patters on the roof as you explore the auditorium. There are more rotting corpses among the seats, and the rest of the crowd has vanished…
Federico Piatti
La Route de Carcosa #44. Curtain Call #2.
The Third Act

The Emissary's Message - Back

Abruptly, the malformed body of an unnatural nightmare slams onto the stage, its slithering tendrils reaching into the aisles. It opens its maw and lets out a shrill, piercing song. The melody is uncanny; the notes sear into your mind. Pain pounds in your forehead, and blood runs from your ears.

Search all set-aside cards and the victory display for the Royal Emissary enemy, and spawn it in the Theatre.

The Third Act

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