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"Gawd," he gasped, "I telled 'em not ter go daown into the glen, an' I never thought nobody'd dew it with them tracks an' that smell an' the whippoorwills a-screechin' daown thar in the dark o' noonday...”
—H.P. Lovecraft, "The Dunwich Horror"
Cold Spring Glen


Shroud: 3. Clues: 2.

Each enemy in Cold Spring Glen gets -1 evade.

: You lure the creature into the dense tree cover, and it becomes tangled. Investigators in Cold Spring Glen may, as a group, place up to 2 of their clues on an Abomination enemy in Cold Spring Glen. (Group limit once per game).

Frej Agelii
Aux Frontières du Visible #244. Undimensioned and Unseen #9.
Cold Spring Glen

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