Test (1). For each point you succeed by, heal 1 horror.

Remove this card from the game, and replace it with another set-aside copy of Dim Streets (move all investigators, enemies, and attachments from this location to the new copy of Dim Streets). Add clues to that copy of Dim Streets until it has clues on it equal to its clue value.

You pass under an archway of ebony stone linking two spires. The inscription on the archway is written in a language you have never seen before, but somehow you are able to understand it. When you read the inscription aloud, the portal of stone shimmers, and you see a glimpse into an alternate vision of the city of Carcosa. It is vibrant and mesmerizing, like no place you have ever seen before. The vision dissolves shortly after, and you find yourself back in the ruined streets.
La Pâle Carcosa #328.
The Archway

Autre Monde.

Shroud: 2. Clues: 1.

Forced - After you discover the last remaining clue on Dim Streets: Lose 1 action.

The streets twist and churn without any semblance of logic or reason.
Juan Carlos Barquet
La Pâle Carcosa #328. Dim Carcosa #18.
Dim Streets

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